Vortex Wind Technology

The Vortex Wind Technology System delivers increased wind turbine efficiency and energy yield to maximise your return on investment.

Designed for use with onshore and offshore wind turbines, the Vortex Wind Technology System includes:

  • Stand alone, turbine mounted two-axis, high frequency ultrasonic anemometry
  • Online real time, daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports and turbulence
  • Personalised online data display, reporting and archive system
  • Advanced numerical analyses give improved orientation control and power output
  • Advanced numerical analyses give unique directional power curves for retrospective, real time and prospective power output and energy yield.
  • Advanced numerical analyses can provide real time control optimisation to remove scatter maximise yield.

The integrated hardware and software system improves wind turbine efficiency and energy yield at a low capital cost.

A white wind turbine in front of a blue sky

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